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La ?Star Wars ? Pilote AT-AT, c'est que votre dernier Must Have Anovos Costume

Le 31/01/2015, par Mike D.

The folks at Anovos are releasing another incredible costume, and this time it’s an AT-AT Driver from Star Wars.
In typical Anovos fashion, it is screen-accurate and will make you look like you stepped right off the set of the film.
Features include:
Helmet with finished, lined interior and adjustable helmet suspension rig, meant for even the largest heads.
Built-in environmental / air system in helmet for comfort.
Bubble lenses installed in helmet.
Chest armor and chest box, with flexible hoses.
Canisters on end of hoses feature magnetic points, thereby allowing easy attachment to the magnetic points at the helmet's back ?mohawk? for easy maintenance.
Chest box features functional LED screen, mirroring faux indicator functionality of artifacts as used on screen.
Back armor with distinctive computer-board style.
100% polyester gray jumpsuit, with pockets and zip-front.
Lower-leg harness connected to back plate.
Faux leather gloves.
Left glove features greeble, as seen from original artifact.
See more pictures after the break.

Product Page ($1600 / Pre-Order via
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Ban DGT 336x280 Générique

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