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Cette veste de moto X-Wing est prête à prendre la route

Le 23/03/2016, par Mike D.

x-wing poe moto jacket 3
While we’ve never seen Poe Dameron on a speeder, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’d totally rocket around on one, so it’s not a stretch to think he’d be into motorcycles as well.
Heck, I’m pretty sure any X-Wing pilot would have a motorcycle if they had a driveway to park it in.
Star Wars fan and Redditor CharlieMcN33l seems to have a lot in common with those pilots if his custom X-Wing pilot motorcycle jacket is any indication.

Charlie usually wears a “Carhartt Duck Detroit” or MA-1 Bomber jacket when he rides, so he took components of each jacket to make his newest creation.
He says it’s “60% X-Wing flight jacket, 30% Carhartt jacket, 10% MA-1 Bomber jacket.” He forgot to say it’s 100% awesome.

He was also kind enough to detail how he made this bad boy, because he’s a good guy like that.
Check out the gallery below.


(via Technabob)
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