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Pokemon Ivysaur et Moltres portées à la vie de crapauds Cosplay ing

Le 23/03/2016, par Mike D.

Every day, the internet seems to surprise me with its power to make almost anything cute.
Such is the case with these adorable toads, who are the tiny companions of Twitter user Shuka Moe, a creative?student from the Tokyo University of Agriculture.

Here’s how these cute little costumes were created:

— ???? (@Bombina0) March 19, 2016

After doodling the pieces out, Shuka Moe began folding them into papercraft cosplay pieces for the toads.
— ???? (@Bombina0) March 18, 2016

?????( )?????????
?????( )????????
— ???? (@Bombina0) March 19, 2016

(via Kotaku)
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